8 Lessons from Music that Apply to Any Field

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Here are 8 universal lessons I’ve learned from my work as a musician. Inspired by this thought provoking twitter thread by David Perell. 

  1. An instrument is only as good as its player.
  2. Great work can be boiled down to a formula. But following a formula will not yield great work. 
  3. If it sounds good, it is good.
  4. Tension and dissonance can arouse intrigue for a moment. But they quickly grow tiresome. 
  5. Flow comes when you let go.
  6. People view your work through the lens of your persona.
  7. If you’re not unique, a better version of you already exists. Be yourself and you will be unique.
  8. Practice makes perfect. But perfect is not relatable. Emotional connection goes further than demonstrations of sheer skill.  

If I missed any good ones, let me know on twitter, @jromejko