Jeff Romejko


Jeff Romejko has been writing songs ever since he got his first guitar more than a decade ago. He learned the instrument by covering his favorite songs, which at the time included the likes of Joe Satriani, Rage Against the Machine, and Alice in Chains

After years of thoroughly exploring Grunge rock, Jeff became fascinated with the funky rhythms and syncopated strumming of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Parliament/Funkadelic. It could be said that his album, Eunoia? exists at the crossroads of these influences.

Although his influences have changed over time, dense, textural soundscapes have always been central to his style. He’s most effective when interweaving many seemingly disparate influences into one sonic organism.

His tendencies toward layered ambience steered his style toward artists like Ratatat, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin. Jeff’s album Amicolage intersects his peak funkiness with his burgeoning curiosities into the boundless world of electronic sound design. A critical aspect of Jeff’s creativity is his proclivity to look beyond musical artists for inspiration while composing. He has an appetite for all things surreal, dreamlike and mysterious. If you found yourself at the center point between David Lynch movies, Haruki Murakami novels, and Earthbound for NES, you’d find Jeff’s mind acting as a hub: connecting, searching, and processing all of the strange bits of this world that he can find and distilling their essence into music. 

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