Imago Imago We All Fall Down (2019)

Released July 5, 2019 - The electronic elements introduced in Jeff's previous releases come to the forefront on Imago Imago We All Fall Down. Synths are the main compositional element. Heavy, driving bass and relentless drums set the pace, pulling back now and then for more ethereal and carefree waves of sound. Although instrumental, the album carries a narrative that rewards continuous listening. The opening tracks serve as a forward on determinism, accomplishment, and self-image. Each subsequent track can be seen a chapter in a journey where serene, unspoiled youth is challenged by darker forces and the passing of time. Purity morphs into naive confidence and later is shaded by cynicism and nostalgia. What does it mean to prevail? Both triumph and defeat necessarily indicate the end of a significant period in one's life, so what comes next?

Amicolage Front Cover

Amicolage (2016)

Released August 26, 2016 - Amicolage is Jeff's opus to date. The album is a journey through his wide ranging influences. Jeff draws from other musicians, books, movies, and video games, deconstructing each one before reassembling the pieces in his own unique way. The entirely instrumental format leaves room for his sounds to be as rich and captivating as ever.

Writing for this album commenced immediately after the completion of Eunoia? and the entire production and refining process ultimately took 2 full years.

Sixteen sonic stories await.

Peplival Front Cover

Peplival EP (2016)

Released January 5, 2016 - The Peplival EP highlights Jeff's more experimental side with 4 dark, cavernous, and often dreamlike soundscapes. The recording techniques used on these tracks are unlike any he'd used before or since. Each song is marked by a distinct sound palette that builds identity through an air of mystery.

Despite the earlier release date, these songs were written and recorded after most of Amicolage was complete. It emerged spontaneously in a short time frame as a break from the 2-year long cultivation process that brought Amicolage into existence.

eunoia front cover

Eunoia? (2014)

Released September 16, 2014 - Eunoia? is Jeff's debut LP and is unquestionably the definition of a solo album. He wrote the all of the lyrics and music, then handled the recording, mixing, and mastering as well. The only thing he did not produce was the cover art, which was painted by Chelsea Neveu. This production process has persisted for every subsequent release to date.