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Cepharikeem drum kit:

Hi: Scissors open/close

Mid: Ticonderogas hit various surfaces, exported at various sample rates to change pitch

Low: Hardcover book slammed shut, pitch lowered


Rossum’s Universal Robots

In 1920, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) introduced the word “robot” into the English language.

 In 2016, engineers introduce increasingly intelligent machines into existence all the time. 

Humans can still distinguish what is AI and what is not, but what if robots became so advanced that they could convince us they weren’t robots at all? Is that even possible?

At what point would a robot qualify for the rights we consider inalienable as people? What would personhood even mean when equal or greater beings could be created artificially and at will?

R.U.R began asking these questions almost 100 years ago, though we’ve never been closer to needing the answers as we are today.

Passerine Isle

Passerine Isle depicts a utopian dreamscape set on a tropical island where a jam band of cordial sea-creatures serenade any and all passersby with groovy tunes day and night.

Here is an artist’s rendering (Chelsea Neveu) of the horn section on one such occasion:

Passerine Isle


Dex is a nod to Junichi Masuda, whose classic compositions have stayed with me since first hearing them in the soundtrack to a certain popular video game series that debuted in 1998…

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