Mix Journal: Suspended Animation

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This song sounds cold and desolate. As if frozen in time. Like a body paused by cryonics, awaiting revival. Can their thoughts, memories, and personal information be recovered?
Or, how about a more contemporary example. A body sustains mortal injuries, but the brain remains intact. Using a brain-machine interface, an image of the brain is created. Like backing up computer data to a server. The collection is successful. Neatly packaged, the full contents of the brain await redeployment into a new body. What is the nature of consciousness in this state?
That’s what I mean by Suspended Animation.
In terms of the mix, this song is fairly minimal. Most of the instruments already had a little reverb on them from the writing stage. I added some light delay to a few tracks toward the end. But for the most part, they fill the space without needing additional fx processing. 

Step by step actions:

Balance static mix
Add light distortion to drum group
Compress drum group
both of these steps helped glue the kit together into one cohesive unit
Eq Bass to remove some of the nasally low mids.
Compress bass
Eq Kick to sit just above fundamental bass frequency
Eq Snare: just one small cut out of the low mids
Eq pulse synth
Compress pulse synth
Eq Keys for more hi clarity
Add spice into drum patterns for middle section
Add phaser to drums during section starting @1:30
Use volume automation to
  1. Lower drum volume during less dense sections
  2. bring forward the main element whenever there’s a shift in focus. For example, at 0:30 the volume of the harp-like instrument is raised. It says up until 0:52, then ducks below the icy key lead that enters.
  3. Fade in/out the top layer of the bass synth. it comes in gradually until 0:30 then drops out. Where else do you hear it in the track?