Mix Journal: Labeled

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This song presents my first opportunity to give a shout out to Sevish. I have a whole stack of new songs that would not exist without him. I’ll go into more detail in a future post. For now, check out his latest album, Horixens

Here’s a list of changes between the original demo and the version 1 mix of Labeled. Below that, you can compare the two tracks side by side. 

  • Removed kick drum from intro
  • Had the plucked synth drop out at 1:11. Creates anticipation and room for the voices to come in.
  • Chopped each voice onto its own track for individual processing. Each one has its own compression, panning, EQ, panning, effects. Mostly light reverb and delay.
    • Goal was to blend them into the texture of the song a little more instead of having them feel as though sitting on top, separate from it
    • Used automation to further balance dynamic range of the phrases. A couple of them really trailed off in volume at the end.
  • The bass part in the first section is a 3-layer synth stack. Used EQ to give each a more defined space in the frequency spectrum. Hi passed 2/3, kept the deepest for dedicated sub bass duty.
    • Put some light compression and distortion on the group to meld them together.
    • Raised volume on the mid range layer
  • Added some slight drum glitches around the word “schizoid” for effect
  • Automated drum volume down for sparser sections
    • Added filter ~0:55 to open space, allow more clarity for the voice to enter
    • Dropped the drums out after “he reads.” Had to highlight that alarming symptom of mental illness.
  • Some thinning to voice layers in final section