Bitziblox [Demo]

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We’re all just bits and blocks

doing the dance that we’ve been taught



This track caught me between a Melodies from Mars mood and listening to this playlist for hours on end.

I’ve been getting amusement lately sneaking guitar parts into songs where you’d never expect to find one. 

Experimental technique: 

      Using full drum breaks. My drum tracks usually consist of single hit samples. Or, if I use a drum break I’ll slice it to trigger one hit per pad. 

This track started by looping a tasty break. I saved the chopping for places that needed variation, like at the end of a section. Effects were also relied upon more than usual, adding further nuance to the drums. 

Takeaway lesson: 

Using a looped drum break? The earlier you lock in the rhythm and flow the better. An edit you make once in the beginning copies into future iterations as you expand the project. The same decision made later results in dozens of edits as you chase copied iterations across the project.