Disquiet Junto Project 0476: IAH Forecast

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Beyond the Fog

The Assignment:
Here’s your next single’s cover (pictured above). Now record it.

The result:
First and most important objective: capture the essence of the fog. The result: the dense chord sound around :32. Then the melody came to be. An introspective rumination.

The longer you stare at the tireless highway, the more the cars become a blur. Memories descend over your mind like morning fog rolls into the city. Conversations and laughter drift up from other balconies, but soon fade. Spacing out has become an accidental deep focus session. The cars from yesterday are back today. And will be back tomorrow.

But you’ve slipped out an exit. One nobody noticed. The cars shrink smaller. Rushing by in slow motion. Like toys controlled by your mind. You want to relinquish control but you can’t. There’s something controlling you. Something you can’t see. Even from this raised vantage. “The fog will lift when I’m ready to see beyond,” you suppose. 

This song exists because of an inspiring prompt courtesy of the Disquiet Junto music community project.

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